How To Get The Most From Your Credit Card Rewards

There are several credit companies that offer rewards to their users so as to encourage them to use the card for various transactions. The rewards can be as follows:

  • Points which can be redeemed for product discounts
  • Generic items
  • Frequent flyer miles

Many firms will send you emails or direct mail informing you about such promotions. They also include a form which you can fill, send back to them, and have your card delivered within the shortest amount of time. However, before you fill those forms, you should know what to look for in a reward.

Things to Consider if you want to Benefit from Credit Card Rewards

1. Apply for a Card that Meets your Interests

Since the rewards are based on usage frequency, make sure that you apply for a card that will enable you to enjoy your interests. For example, if you love to travel for fun and adventure, apply for a frequent flyer miles card. That way, you can get discounts on your tickets. If you love shopping, you should apply for cards that give you points for your purchases. The points can help you get discounts on bulk purchases. If you want to minimize your costs, you can apply for cash-back rewards. These cards usually allow you to get back some of your money on certain purchases.

2. Liquidity

Always go for the reward that leaves the most cash in your pocket. For this reason, cash back rewards are the most preferable since they leave you with the most useful resource - ready cash. With cash, you can spend the money on anything you like. It doesn't necessarily have to be groceries or airline tickets.

3. Find the Best Deal

Not all credit card rewards are the same. For example, two credit card companies can offer you cash back gifts for using their reward program. You might think that since the rewards are the same, it doesn't matter which company you use. However, upon closer examination, you might discover that one company's cash-back amount is bigger than the other. Therefore, always avoid going for any deal that is offered to you. Take your time to study the market and discover firms with the best deals. It's better to wait for a month so that you can get the best credit card reward deal than sign the forms immediately and get sub-par rewards.

4. Let Go of Less Rewarding Cards

If you have a bunch of credit cards that you use to make regular purchases, you might have to dump some of them since they can cause you to miss out on big rewards. When you spread the rewards across different cards, you under-utilize the one with the most benefits. Go through your stack of credit cards and get rid of those ones that don't give you much returns. There is a possibility that using one card can give you more rewards than multiple cards. However, don't be so quick to return the credit cards to your provider since such an action can lower your credit score. Make sure that you keep some of your old cards to avoid such an outcome.

5. Use it

There's no point in applying for a card and then not use it. The only way that you can get maximum rewards out of your credit card is by using it to make purchases. Every time you go for shopping, make sure that you carry the card and use it to pay the bill. However, be careful not to overspend because you are after the rewards. A good way to keep your credit card charges in check is to make weekly payments to your provider. That way, you keep track of the expenses and avoid incurring huge maintenance costs.

6. Check the Expiration

Credit card rewards don't last forever. They have an expiration date. Therefore, always make sure that you know the expiration date of the rewards so that you can make maximum use of them before they are gone. Before you applied for the card, you knew that the rewards would beneficial to you. Therefore, you ought to have a spending plan that will enable you to use the rewards before they expire.


To make the most of your credit card prizes, you have to know your award needs. Apply for a reward that will enable you to take advantage of your interests.

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